Operations Coordinator

  • Earth Angel
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Jul 21, 2021
Full time role

Job Description

Role & Responsibilities

The Operations Coordinator is responsible for keeping a pulse on all the inner workings of the company by understanding how all roles at Earth Angel function and interact and facilitating efficient and organized work methods across the company.


  • Attend all high level internal meetings, stay informed of business strategy and support team with problem solving
  • Ensure all insurance policies are renewed and/or are updated accordingly
  • Ensure business registration is up to date and in compliance with all relevant local authorities
  • Keep operations manuals, databases and standard EA documents up to date
  • Assist with office or vehicle related administrative duties (i.e. renewing leases or insurance policies)
  • Work with CEO on legal aspects of the business and to improve operations of the company
  • Act as direct supervisor to the Office/Media Assistant and outsourced Finance representative


  • Manage all company bookkeeping systems in Quickbooks Online including invoicing, and follow up on late payments as necessary.
  • Ensure receipts and financial documents are organized and CPA has necessary documents.
  • Ensure all timesheets/contractor invoices are collected for timely payroll.
  • Maintain AP schedule and complete approved payments.
  • Support with budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning using EA templates.
  • Support with development of EA pricing model


  • Monitor any changes to labor law compliance and update EA HR documents and standards accordingly
  • Maintain all HR templates and systems such as hiring and interviewing, onboarding and offboarding
  • Manage Earth Angel’s intern program 
  • Planning and organizing company culture team building events and activities

Systems Management

  • Oversee, help organize and maintain SOPs for Asana (Earth Angel’s project management platform), Team Drives (Earth Angel’s document management platform) and Coda (Earth Angel’s knowledge management platform)
  • Oversee company information management  and data, including exporting relevant client data into respective EA databases to ensure up to date aggregate data for EA systems
  • Identify and solve inefficiencies within Earth Angel’s systems and processes 
  • Troubleshoot and update tools and technology used by Earth Angel as necessary



  • Bachelor's degree in related field (Business, Communications, Film/Television, or Sustainability)
  • Experience with office management, project management, and/or business operations 
  • Highly motivated and comfortable working in a start-up culture
  • Spreadsheet (Excel/Google Sheets) and database proficiency
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong problem solving capabilities
  • Experience with Google Suite, including Google Drive, Google Sheets, Gmail, and Google Calendars. 
  • Passion for environmental sustainability and zero waste efforts


  • Film/television physical production experience
  • Graphic design experience, familiarity with Canva/InDesign 
  • Familiarity with Airtable
  • Proficiency with Quickbooks Online
  • Ability to switch gears quickly, follow instructions, and work on a variety of different projects 
  • Willingness and desire to grow within the company
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability and desire to work independently

Additional Details

  • Full-time hourly, exempt. 40 hours per week.
  • Starting rate of $18-$20/hour
  • Your personal laptop and cell phone will be used in this role. 
  • This is a remote work position. Occasionally, work will be conducted from Earth Angel’s office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Organization Type


Organization Size



Atmosphere, Climate Risk, Food & Agriculture, Pollution & Waste Reduction