Senior Software Engineer

  • Patch
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Aug 25, 2021
Engineering: Software

Job Description

We're looking for exceptional software engineers to continue to build upon Patch's core API platform.There's too much carbon in the atmosphere. If emissions were halted today, what's up there (and in our oceans) will keep our planet warming for centuries to come. The world needs to reduce emissions and scale carbon removal technologies to mitigate and ultimately reverse climate change.‍Patch is building the infrastructure to power a climate positive economy and scale carbon removal. Businesses can leverage our API to automatically calculate their footprint and make any transaction carbon-neutral. Offset projects use our consumer-grade platform to manage their business, find new customers and scale their technology.‍We're a small team of successful startup veterans building a category-defining business in an industry the world deeply needs. We're backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Version One, Pale Blue Dot, and are founded by the same team who helped take Sonder from 0 to 2B.ResponsibilitiesFirst and foremost we're looking for people who are excited about what we're doing — you don't need to know anything about carbon removal, but should be excited to learn. We're building in an entirely new space, so you'll be able to use your creativity to help us solve problems and delight customers.‍The engineering challenges ahead of us:1. Standardize the UnstructuredPatch supports a wide variety of carbon removal and carbon offsets solutions. All of these technologies have different types of data and information to quantify their impact. Your job is to help us standardize the data this ecosystem with the end goal of enabling our users to develop a deep understanding of carbon markets.2. Build for ScaleEven in the most ambitious decarbonization scenarios, humanity will need to remove billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere for the coming decades. This will require 100s of billions of API requests per year. Fighting climate changes requires building software systems built for scale.3. Build for the UnknownNothing like Patch has ever been built before. This means there is no playbook on which features or product should be built. This ambiguity is an opportunity for product-minded software engineers to take control of our roadmap and chart a course on how to have the greatest impact. ‍‍Our Interview Process1. Meet us and learn about PatchYou'll first talk to Brennan on a 45 minute call. The goal of this conversation is to get to know you and mutually explore if we might be a good fit for each other. You'll learn more about Patch and have a chance to ask questions about our company, team culture, and product.2. Take Home ChallengeWe'll send you a small prompt for you to answer demonstrate your programming skills. No whiteboards, no live programming. This challenge is meant for you to show off how you normally work. It shouldn't take longer than 3-4 hours to complete.3. Virtual Code ReviewOnce you've completed the challenge, you'll add a few Patch engineers to your repo and we'll review your code. Once reviewed, we'll hop on one last 45 minute call to discuss high level trade offs made during the challenge and how your might approach the solution differently in a production environment.

Responsibilities for the Role

  • Learn and grow constantly to feed your passion for self-improvement and make those around you better
  • Design and build highly available, resilient and scalable platform primitives & APIs
  • Work through problems with your team, roll up your sleeves, form an opinion and advocate for engineering-specific roadmap items
  • Collaborate with other Patch teammates to provide the best product possible to our users

About You

  • You like shipping, a lot
  • High level of fluency with and experience using technologies and frameworks like (but not limited to) some of our most-used languages - Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Kubernetes
  • A passion for collaboration, with a history of establishing great relationships with UX and Product Management teams across time zones
  • A commitment and drive for quality, technical excellence and results
  • Curiosity and passion to constantly learn new things; Patch changes fast, and we need the people who work here to be able to change and learn fast too
  • Raise the quality and speed (team efficiency) bar and move the platform into a position of maximum leverage

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Carbon Accounting & Offsetting