Atmospheric Scientist

  • Boston, MA, USA
  • Aug 31, 2021

Job Description

The R&D team works to generate the best possible weather data, from historical analysis to the future forecast. To accomplish this, scientists and engineers across the team work together to build a comprehensive data processing engine which consumes raw weather observations (from both traditional and non-traditional sources), numerical weather forecasts, and remote sensing data; feeds these data into our own pipeline of analyses and forecasting algorithms; and generates data for our Product and Engineering teams to serve to our clients.

“One Forecast” (1F) is our internal program which develops and operates our proprietary statistical and machine learning-based weather forecasting systems. The team leverages cutting-edge scientific and numerical techniques, a massive collection of observations and forecast models, and a robust MLOps framework to create and continuously improve the most accurate weather forecasts possible

We’re looking for an Atmospheric Scientist to contribute to our statistical modeling and weather forecasting program, and to help ensure we are building the best weather platform in the world.

As an Atmospheric Scientist in the R&D organization at , you will:

  • Work closely with the One Forecast Team to execute the unit’s R&D roadmap and continuously deliver improved weather forecasting tools and data products
  • Contribute directly to experimentation, data processing, and validation/verification exercises critical to the ongoing evaluation and improvement of our weather forecasts.
  • Coordinate and work with scientists and data scientists on the One Forecast Program Team to achieve the unit’s quarterly development and delivery goals
  • Collaborate with and support the Andromeda / Engineering teams to operationalize and deploy improvements to our statistical forecasting system
  • Take ownership of medium-range plans for building new weather forecasting and statistical / ML-augmented post-processing techniques
  • Deliver the industry’s best weather forecasts and widens our competitive advantage in providing valuable weather intelligence for our clients.

What you bring:

  • Masters degree in atmospheric science, oceanography, civil/environmental engineering, physics, or mathematics
  • PhD in one of the aforementioned fields - Advantage
  • Experience developing, implementing, and evaluating statistical and machine learning methods for analyzing and post-processing weather forecast
  • Professional experience in either an academic or industry setting in developing machine learning models and statistical forecasting techniques- Advantage
  • Experience working with scientific Python — especially the core libraries widely used in the geosciences (including numpy, scipy, pandas, xarray, dask, and rasterio) and machine learning (particularly scikit-learn and related packages)
  • Familiarity with ensemble forecasting, particularly statistical methods for post-processing and analyzing ensemble weather forecast systems
  • Professional experience developing and implementing ensemble weather forecasting systems such as NOAA’s National Blend of Models, NCAR’s DICast system, or similar) - Advantage
  • Familiarity with artificial intelligence and machine learning applications broadly applied to weather forecasting.
  • Experience analyzing and working with the output from numerical weather prediction systems, particularly the operational systems from NOAA (GFS, GEFS, HRRR, NAM, etc) and ECMWF (HRES and EPS).Other Preferred
  • Team player with aptitude for problem solving with teams and the ability to clearly articulate objectives, updates, and plans.

If you have reached this point and you are super excited but not sure you check all the boxes - we still want to speak with you! Your passion is priceless. Other things can be learned.

Open to candidates outside of Colorado


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Space: In case you have not heard, we are also going to space with our Operation Tomorrow Space initiative. We are building the first-of-its-kind proprietary satellites equipped with radar, and launching them into space to improve weather forecasting technology for everyone on Earth.

How we roll: We work in an “one office” environment. We believe that magic happens when people work together. Together also includes Zoom meetings, flexible hours and unlimited vacation days. Your success is achieved by your impact and deliveries and not by the hours you put in. We believe in transparency and directness, putting work before ego and empathy. We grow fast and move faster but we always see people first. Each person has their own career growth path for we believe that the only way for the company to grow is if you grow.

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