Sales Training Manager

  • Voltus
  • Remote
  • Sep 30, 2021

Job Description

Voltus is growing rapidly, and we see Sales training and on-boarding as a critical role to capitalize on that growth. This is a highly visible role at Voltus. We are looking for someone who can do more than just share information, but can manage the entire training process from on-boarding and beyond. This is a fully remote position that offers a high degree of autonomy.

Key Responsibilities

  • Improve on-boarding time for all new sales new hires.
  • Maximize sales effectiveness by coaching and project managing on-going training, and skill development.
  • Minimize the time spent by sales leadership training on fundamentals.
  • Ensure quality, consistency, and achievement of learning objectives.
  • Promote unity across all departments through training.

Job Duties

  • Primary owner of on-boarding for new sales team members. Sales Trainer creates, conducts, and coordinates the on-boarding process for the first 90 days of a new hire. This on-boarding includes an introduction to the full sales process, providing resources, cheat sheets, and assistance, and coordinating with sales leaders. At the end of the on-boarding cycle, this includes developing individual coaching plans moving forward.
  • Owner of on-going training with the entire sales organization. This includes creation and coordination of live (remote and in-person) and course-based training, and skill measurement and development.
  • Determines best practices and training gaps, and iterates on our training content. This will be accomplished by observing sales successes and shortfalls, analyzing sales metrics, conferring with sales leaders, and acting on feedback from team members.
  • Improves training effectiveness by developing and implementing new approaches and techniques.
  • Becomes a subject matter expert on our sales process and approach, and industry in order to train with authority.
  • Create, maintain, iterate on, and grade courses in our Learning Management System.
  • Manage and adapt to different personalities and learning styles.
  • Work effectively independently and as a critical member of our team.
  • If needed, travel to facilitate training initiatives.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Previous sales and/or training experience required
  • Ability to captivate an audience and earn respect
  • Aligned with our company values: Bright, Gritty, and Good
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven time management skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing environments and situations
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Strong technical and technical instruction skills preferred
  • Previous experience with learning management systems preferred

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Building Automation Systems, Building Retrofitting, Distributed Energy Storage, Grid Flexibility, Net Zero Buildings, Smart Thermostats, Utility-Scale Energy Storage, Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics