Forestry Partnerships Manager (Remote)

  • Terraformation
  • Hawai'i County, HI
  • Oct 08, 2021

Job Description

About Terraformation
At Terraformation, we care passionately about solving the climate crisis.  
Even as the world scrambles to wean off fossil fuels, we must also draw carbon back out of the atmosphere to stay within our remaining carbon budget. Trees are the most immediate, affordable, and scalable tool for doing this. 
Our mission is to accelerate natural carbon capture through forestry tech. We help partners secure diverse native seed supply, tackle freshwater shortages with solar-powered desalination technology, and use open source software for long-term forest health monitoring. Our partnerships focus exclusively on native ecosystem restoration.
By providing forest creators across the globe with these and other tools, we aim to catalyze restoration of 3 billion acres of degraded forest and dry land ecosystems, and activate the most massive carbon drawdown effort on the planet. 
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Job Mission
Terraformation is hiring a Forestry Partnerships Manager to find potential partners in global afforestation and reforestation projects. Terraformation’s Forestry team is at the center of our company and the Partnerships Manager role plays a critical role in support of our mission by:
Finding qualified forestry partners around the world and aligning their interests with Terraformation so that we are able to grow forests on 3B acres of land in the next 10 years.
This role is first-in-function at the company which means it combines hands-on execution with strategic decision-making and has future potential for recruiting and managing multiple sub-teams.  

Responsibilities Include:

  • Guide partnerships team with weekly meetings, and one-on-one meetings to support their partnership development.  
  • Oversee international partnership MoC development;  meet together with partners and TF partnership leads to review project background, history, capability, and reliability, to create strong, multi-year partnerships.  
  • Meet with the Chief Forestry Officer weekly to review partnership development and MoC’s.
  • Develop Forestry Partnerships with groups and organizations that are already doing, or want to do, reforestation, afforestation, agroforestry, silvopasture, or timber silviculture.
  • Lead initial discussions with land owners/managers to align interests and develop partnerships in global forestry projects.
  • Collaborate with Business Development team to create signable contracts for global forestry projects.
  • Represent Terraformation in discussions with strategic partners (e.g., environmental and wildlife conservation organizations, UN or other consortia, carbon verification service providers, etc.)
  • Determine the ability of partners to fulfill project objectives.
  • Determine and negotiate scope of projects including species selection, seed banking, planting methods, monitoring methods, bottlenecks and challenges.
  • Determine if projects have potential for production of verified carbon credits.
  • Collaborate with PR and Communications to plan and execute Terraformation appearances at public events and conferences.
  • Scale up forestry efforts around the world.
  • Travel, if needed, to visit partner projects. 1 per year

Minimum Qualifications

  • 20+ years of Forestry experience
  • Experience with managing teams
  • Experience with horticultural techniques
  • Experience in working with Governmental agencies
  • Prior experience working with multidisciplinary sciences such as entomology, paleoarchaeology, soil science, forestry, ecosystems restoration

Ideal Qualifications

  • Experience working in many ecosystems
  • Experience working with landowners and groups doing restoration
  • Experience with leading projects
  • Experience working with assessing taxonomy appropriateness that is site specific
  • Experience in working with rare plants
  • Experience in seed banking
  • Experience in negotiating project details to fulfill objectives
  • Experience in checking references

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