Head of Sustainability

$95,402 - $136,289 yearly
  • Twist
  • London, UK
  • Oct 11, 2021
Full time role Sustainability

Job Description


🧩 Your role

In a study, we helped Systemiq put together, producer owner models were shown to reduce CO2 emissions by 24-65% and final total cost of ownership by 20-39%. This alignment environmental and economic benefits is at our core. So we wanted one of our first hires to represent half of the equation.

We’re looking for someone to productise environmental measurement in our product. Specifically, embedding impact measurement into the digital identify of the physical assets we trade. Measurement shouldn’t be generic, it should reflect the reality of the product you are looking at… We want this data to drive decision-making and subsequent impact for our customers.

Our product has a particular focus on both utilisation of resources and products across the use and recovery phase. We want you to be a main driver of our product development and will be collaborating with designers, engineers, data scientists and customers to bring your ideas to life. You'll have access to training if you haven't been part of a software team before.

We want to be compliant with the latest waste standards and pioneer measurements around circularity and utilisation. Your assessment will make up important factors in our lending decision, setting new standards of environmental reporting at an the individual product lifecycle level.

🥇 Your experience

  • You have worked on circularity projects before and are an expert in the field
  • You are confident in implementing LCA's
  • You are confident in your experience with waste standards
  • You have worked in multidisciplinary teams before and hopefully interacted with product development teams.
  • You should have worked on multiple ambitious environmental projects
  • You have experience in presenting ESG opportunities to finance partners internally or externally
  • Experience in managing multiple stakeholders who have a vested interest in sustainability.
  • You should be confident in working with any of our customers on their sustainability objectives, ideally in electronics.

Twist is an equal opportunities employer and we would encourage you to apply even if you feel like you do not tick all the boxes.

📦 The Package

We are offering a competitive equity package 0.5-1.5% and salary in the range of £70,000 to £100,000.

♻️ Our mission

We're helping electronics producers be better stewards of their products and the planet. Only ≈15% of electronics end up being recycled and an even higher percentage are left unused. These symbols of our progression as a society are responsible for our rapid environmental decay. We're here to change that.

We build software for electronics companies who are operating producer owned models: that's when a company owns, looks after and ultimately recycles it's products. Charging it's customers to access them. Like an e-scooter sharing platform or a robotics as-a-service business. Which are are not only climate compatible but also brilliant user centric business models.

Our platform solves for two problems that prevent companies from making the switch to this model. Digitising the new operations they will need, now they are the custodians of their products lifecycle. And accessing capital to help smooth out the longer payback periods these models have.

We're building a set of tools and integrations that lets producers manage the lifecycles of their products. We quantify the economic and environmental impact of their products lifecycle. Using this data to give producers instant access to their products future earnings, to help them with working and growth capital. This same data creates a detailed green financial product for our lenders.

🧘‍♀️ Taking care of yourself

Health and happiness

We want to support our employees health and happiness. Everyone's version of that is different so we're trusting you to spend your £100 per month allowance on what makes sense for you.

Time off

We don’t have set holiday days. We trust you to act in the best interest of the company, to us that means being well rested. We want you to have control and be able to observe what’s important to you — including taking time off when your mind and body need a break. Some people need a bit more of a push when it comes to taking holiday so your manager will make sure you take at least 25 days off a year and generally gloat about their latest hiking trip.

📈 Doing your best work

Working together

We are working in a hybrid model where we have set days in the office and on the other days you can work where you want to. Right now we're loving having set time to workshop and collaborate, where we make sure the intensity is high.

Diversity matters

We know that no single discipline has all the answers needed to help us realise the economic and environmental benefits of our vision. We’ve found that the best ideas come from dedicated collaboration between different fields. We firmly believe that to do that well, we need to build a diverse, empowered and cross functional team.

High performance environment

We have a real dedication to our mission. We know for us to realise it, that we need to push each other to do our best work. This means supporting and motivating each other to be braver and communicating clearly how we can each improve.


We value flat hierarchies, clear communication full ownership and responsibility. We want you to bring forward anything that you think will help us be a better business. To feel empowered to make big bets that can have a major impact and be comfortable to shine a light on your mistakes if it doesn't come off.

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Carbon Removal & Utilization Engineering, Consumer Goods, Pollution & Waste Reduction, Materials & Manufacturing