Founding Chemical Engineer

  • Noya
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Nov 05, 2021
Full time role Engineering: All

Job Description

Noya is accelerating the world's transition to a carbon negative existence. We’re a small, scrappy team of engineers and scientists taking on the biggest problem anybody could be working on. We’ve developed a new process that will use existing industrial equipment to pull CO2 out of thin air, with dramatically lower capital and operating expenses than other carbon capture approaches.


This role is fundamental to the long-term success of our mission. Your technical expertise will help you design the first scalable process that will  pull CO2 out of thin air. As a Founding Chemical Engineer at Noya, you will work on a multidisciplinary team. You’ll design and optimize processes for CO2 capture, regeneration, bottling, and storage that focus on product quality and energy reduction. Your participation and input in company-wide discussions on the chemical parameters needed to build a high-confidence process and its associated model will be on the cutting edge of global carbon capture development. You’ll help lead ideas from initial concept all the way through to implementation.

And on top of all that, you will dive head-first into a sea of future potential full of unimaginable growth opportunities. Ultimately, we are looking for a curious engineer who wants to help solidify a bright future for all of humanity.


  • Ideate and conduct experiments for process optimization, including for energy and cost reductions
  • Design, build and continually improve new bench-top prototype flow or batch reactors
  • Interface in a feedback loop with chemists, mechanical engineers, and other chemical engineers
  • Participate in designing scale ups of prototype and pilot processes
  • Complete process simulation for future deployment, including equipment sizing and expected process output.
  • Select “off the shelf” pieces of equipment to fit the design parameters and provide inputs for the mechanical/fabrication team to design and build custom equipment..
  • Design future processes with modularity and repeatability in mind to accelerate time-to-deployment for each subsequent launch.
  • Provide key inputs into a predictive model used to estimate carbon capture based on equipment flow rates and other key operating parameters
  • Commercialize new iterations of our carbon capture process


  • BS in Chemical or Petroleum Engineering (or related disciplines) with 2 years of experience
  • Hands-on experience with chemical flow processes and related equipment
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize experiments that maximize learnings while minimizing costs and time
  • Ability to use Matlab and AspenTech
  • Expertise in chemical engineering fundamentals, including vapor/liquid equilibria, reaction kinetics, unit operation component selection, and heat and mass transfer
  • Ability to read component specs, verify them with engineering fundamentals, and confidence to install the equipment.
  • Hands-on skills for building lab-scale flow/batch reactors and testing equipment.


  • Experience with adsorption, and/or gas/solid, liquid/solid heterogeneous catalytic processes
  • Knowledge of creating life-cycle assessments (LCA’s) and techno economic analyses (TEA’s)

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Buildings & Cities, Carbon Removal & Utilization Engineering