$100,000 - $120,000 yearly
  • Earthshot Labs
  • Remote
  • Nov 12, 2021
Full time role Recruiting

Job Description

Build out the recruiting system and recruit talented and passionate people to join Earthshot and live into the mission of restoring our connection to the sacred Earth.


Earthshot Labs’ purpose is to use AI to catalyze planetary land regeneration.


We conduct core ecological research and build technology products that inspire landowners to restore their land, and easily onboard them to carbon marketplaces at no cost. Earthshot also develops land restoration and carbon projects around the world.


Earthshot believes that people are most effective and happy when they bring their whole selves into their work, so they can unleash their full genius. We take shared breaths together, we discuss subjects that are deeply meaningful and at times vulnerable. We actively maintain a coherent field of deeply held love for nature and restoring humankind’s place within it. Despite our best intentions we are keenly aware of the potential problems inherent in creating a tech platform to engineer large scale land use, and so we are engaging with indigenous leaders, ecological experts, regenerative farmers, and other groups with deep knowledge of the land in order to ensure we have the highest integrity and wisdom infusing our efforts.


The Role

Earthshot Labs is looking to scale our teams with the immediate goal of hiring 25 people and we need the support of an experienced recruiter to help us design and build out the recruiting process and fulfill the hiring needs of the company, keeping the culture at the forefront of the hiring process. 

At Earthshot, you may: 

  • Help determine the recruiting tool we use and guide the implementation process (we are leaning towards Greenhouse)
  • Collaborate with the culture team to design a process that allows for us to find talent and maintain culture
  • Determine and implement strategies to steward a diverse team
  • Research, implement and iterate processes that are Teal informed for recruiting and hiring
  • Analyze appropriate data related to our hiring process to inform decision making
  • Communicate, track and interview candidates 
  • Contribute to and support the onboarding process as needed 
  • Contribute your genius and passion to the Earthshot Labs culture and team
  • Collaborate with other people dedicated to restoring our connection to the sacred Earth and help hoane the roles their teams need

Skills and qualities you may have:

  • A passionate and heart-centered professional with a deep love for nature and a desire to build a more integrated future for humanity
  • 2+ years of recruiting experience
  • Technical recruiter experience preferred as we are focusing on hiring coders, engineers, product designers and scientists
  • Experience with Greenhouse and working at a startup preferred
  • Self-led and intrinsically inspired to contribute 
  • Flexible to fill holes when needed by being adaptive to present moment needs of the team
  • Collaborative and also self assured to offer feedback, ideas, and insights
  • Curious and open minded
  • Deep sense of self awareness and listening skills
  • Willing to show up as your whole self and be in community with teammates 
  • Stamina to keep up with a growing organization accompanied by patience and the ability to trust the unfolding process
  • Ability to hold space for silence, deep listening, and stepping into the unknown
  • Genuine desire to be in and to co-create an authentic work environment

Culture: The process is the product.

By now, you’ll probably have realized that Earthshot is a different type of organization than most other companies you’ve met. We’re inherently mission-driven for profound human and ecological impact. Even more important is the way we work together: the quality of communication, team coherence, creating conditions for the genius and creativity of our team members, recognizing the comprehensive lives that we each lead. Our vision for team culture is informed by teal management, a shared love of nature, and the cultivation of healthy human relationships. Earthshot is fundamentally motivated by love, and is an organization where heart-centered people can together apply their world-class talent to the biggest challenges of our time. We are a natively remote organization, which means that people can choose to work from home whenever they would like, and we have team gatherings every 1-3 months to build team coherence, foster deep relationships with each other, and enjoy nature together. In the future, we imagine permanent retreat places for teams to work for weeks or months at a time together in gorgeous natural settings.



Earthshot is building a company that honors the awe-inspiring complex diversity of the whole earth. We prioritize hiring team members that expand our team’s representation of race, color, ancestry, religion, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, relationship style, and many other dimensions of diversity. We welcome introverts, weirdos, hippies, and anyone else with high emotional intelligence, passionate ecological commitment, and brilliant skills that maybe don’t fulfill the usual societal norms. This isn't just about inclusion or equity. We believe that the genius of diverse peoples and backgrounds is essential to create culture and technology that reflect the world we want to live in.


Details and Application:

Salary $100-120k before our series A + early employee equity.

Note: This is a VC funded company, and early employee equity will far outweigh any salary compensation.


To apply:

  1. Optional: take a 1 - 3 minute video about yourself, your genius, what you want to contribute to Earthshot, and what you want to receive in this next phase of your life and career (include this on the application linked below).
  2. Fill out the questionnaire on the jobs page on the website.

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