Backend Engineer - Market Integrations

  • Voltus
  • Remote
  • Feb 11, 2022
Engineering: All Engineering: Software

Job Description

As an engineer on the market integrations team, you will be building out services to make our modern, cloud-based infrastructure look like a collection of power plants; mostly to wholesale markets(RTO/ISOs), less often to utilities. Our team works closely with the energy markets team, who are experts in their regional market; they advise and guide us on market participation in new programs and help translate internal business logic into market-specific terms. For existing integrations, we collaborate with the dispatch ops team and play more of an SRE-ish role: ensuring that integrations are stable, reliable, predictable and present a clean, simple interface not burdened by irrelevant specifics of the market in question.Market integrations come in all shapes and forms. Some include real-time telemetry pipelines with end-to-end latency requirements of <30 seconds and require a heartbeat increment every second to ensure health of the system at all times, some will simply send an email 10 minutes prior to start of the dispatch and use utility data over a month later to determine dispatch performance. What is true of all of them is: they must be resilient to failure and transparent to debug. When time comes to dispatch, there is rarely an opportunity for mistakes, so all the thinking and preparation is done ahead of time.We’re looking for seasoned software engineers who are curious to strike a balance between clean interfaces and integrating with 90s SCADA systems designed for physical power plants. Prior experience in the energy industry is encouraged, but by no means required. Interest in the energy space is a must, otherwise you will spend months filling your head with [what feels like] irrelevant information, desire to learn [at least at a high-level] how energy markets work make the job a lot more fulfilling and engaging.

What you'll do

  • Build critical, resilient systems which operate our primary business functionality
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team to solidify our architectural roadmap, vision and goals
  • Collaborate across teams (primarily with energy markets and dispatch ops) to troubleshoot issues in existing market integrations and prepare to enter new markets
  • Work with external partners, including networking partners, SaaS providers, and organizations in the energy industry
  • Learn more than you ever wanted about wholesale markets and their communication with power plants
  • Create and update internal documentation; train new hires and coworkers as required
  • Mentor more junior team members

Technologies we use

  • Go, Python
  • Postgres, Kafka, Redis, S3
  • AWS, Docker, Nomad, Consul, Vault

What's important to us in a candidate

  • Awareness, empathy, intentionality
  • Can work independently and allocate time thoughtfully among projects
  • Communicates well with others—especially important on a remote team
  • Interested in building an open, positive, and psychologically safe culture
  • Cares about doing impactful, meaningful work
  • Wants to learn more about the energy industry
  • Engages with the world personally and systemically

At Voltus, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer because we recognize that a diverse organization begins with a diverse candidate pool. This means we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and are committed to providing equal employment opportunities regardless of your gender identity, race, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability status, or marital status.

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Drawdown solutions

Building Automation Systems, Building Retrofitting, Distributed Energy Storage, Grid Flexibility, Net Zero Buildings, Smart Thermostats, Utility-Scale Energy Storage, Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics