Business Analytics, Senior Manager

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  • Feb 11, 2022
Business Development Data Analyst Data Scientist

Job Description

Voltus believes in the power of data to make data-driven decisions and impact business outcomes. We are looking for a Bright, Gritty and Good mission-driven person to lead our business analytics team. The role will lead a team of cross functional analysts and work closely with the data science, data engineering and finance teams. Each analytics team member will have an internal customer they “serve” and apply the assigned functional lens to the data. The team will provide the insights/intelligence needed to drive daily operations, make recommendations for improvements, changes and actions to take to ultimately improve the performance of our customers in demand response dispatches.The role’s primary objective is to lead and develop the business analytics team and drive performance improvement. The Director of Business Analytics will report to the SVP of Operations.

Who you are

  • You are a strong communicator and have experience leading a team
  • You are excited to develop your team’s technical skill sets and application of analytics
  • You love thinking strategically about the business problems to solve as well as rolling up your sleeves
  • You love translating business problems into analysis and uncovering data-driven answers
  • You have worked in a consulting setting as well as an operational capacity
  • You are comfortable writing scripts in Python, R and/or SQL
  • You know how to use clear storytelling and visualizations to make non-technical business stakeholders understand problems based on the analytics
  • You are practical, resourceful and know how to use your team’s skills to provide actionable solutions
  • You love wearing many hats from representing the Operations team as a product manager to extracting the business insights from a complex analysis
  • You are adept at request intake, scoping, prioritization and stakeholder engagement to ensure effective progress on key initiatives
  • You care deeply about our customers’ and using data to make them more successful

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead by example, mentor and develop analytics team members
  • Model and calculate the performance of customers and define changes/recommendations
  • Fundamentally identify the risk to the company
  • Continuously evaluate the impact certain factors play in performance
  • Develop a deep understanding of the strategic risks associated with operating in energy markets
  • Build out ability to ID revenue-at-risk and margin-at-risk reporting that could then help prioritize Market Ops and Sales effort
  • Identify gaps in our data analytics stack/process and champion / document them to our product and engineering teams
  • Vast knowledge in the identification of key metrics that measure and drive long-term health of the business
  • Endeavor to create new data-driven approaches for the purpose of generating business insights through data analytics, information visualization and addressing unanswered business issues in a proactive manner
  • Identify opportunities to apply rigorous analysis methods to formulate actionable insights
  • Curate, triage and guide analytics work, prioritizing projects with strategic valueLeads definition of metrics that track the business’s performance
  • Validate, interpret and create reports and presentations for leadership and relevant stakeholders
  • Guarantee high data-quality and reliability across the business
  • Present results to non-technical stakeholders and advocate for data driven decision making across the organization
  • Identify software and tools that improve team performance
  • Drive the day-to-day analytical approaches and explore solutions to particular problems
  • Manage long-term prioritization of the business’s overall analytical needs and opportunities
  • Defines the business questions that need to be answered
  • Define appropriate analytics models in addition to identifying and readying relevant data sources for analysis
  • Develops programs meant for improving the understanding of the use of data, which improves decision-making across the business


  • Must have had at least 7 years of working experience as a data analyst, preferably working as a Senior Data Analyst in a fast-paced and complex business setting
  • Proven and successful experience in the execution of data analytics initiatives, leading to the development of useful insights and the improvement of a business’s performance and driving top-line growth
  • History of success leading analytics and an analytical team as well as vast experience working with a wide range of data in order to predict financial metrics for a business
  • Demonstrated experience building and leading quantitative analyses as well as experience building response and risk models for a business
  • Technical stack experience: Snowflake, Salesforce, Redash, Jupyter notebook, python, R and/or SQL, SQL server reporting services, Tableau, analysis services, or any other data visualization tools
  • Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal
  • Ability to create reports and presentations for leadership and key stakeholders. These reports must be engaging, clear, concise, and convincing, having been tailored in such a manner that will suit and appeal to the audience at hand
  • Self-motivated
  • Proactive: take initiative and go beyond call of duty
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, work comfortably in a cross-functional setting
  • Work comfortably with business senior executives
  • Take accountability for the business’s performance
  • A degree in the STEM field (preferred)
  • An MBA (preferred)
  • Strategic experience within a high growth organization (preferred)

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Drawdown solutions

Building Automation Systems, Building Retrofitting, Distributed Energy Storage, Grid Flexibility, Net Zero Buildings, Smart Thermostats, Utility-Scale Energy Storage, Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics