Scientific Manager - Data Science

  • Perfect Day, Inc.
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Feb 12, 2022
Data Analyst Data Scientist Engineering: All

Job Description

It's a Perfect Day to change the world! At Perfect Day, we're doing just that.Perfect Day was founded in 2014 to create delicious, nutritious dairy products that everyone can love. We’re using fermentation (not animals) to make dairy proteins that are the foundation for foods like ice cream, cheese and yogurt – all with the distinctive taste and textures that consumers demand, but without lactose or environmental downsides. Through partnerships with respected brands, we’re working to launch a whole range of dairy products that will help shape a humane, sustainable food system for future generations. Perfect Day India (PDI) is looking to fill positions to augment data science capabilities at our newly built R&D labs (Perfect Day Park) in Bangalore. The R&D programs at PDI are focused on developing biotechnology-based processes for producing proteins via microbial fermentation. This entails identifying and engineering relevant microbial strains followed by high throughput screening to identify the best candidate strains for fermentation process improvement and downstream processing. This is an iterative process and generates significant amount of data. The vision for these roles is to capture, organize, and structure this data and metadata, and to deploy data analysis and advanced data analytics for improving overall R&D efficiencies, and to further foster a data-based R&D culture.


  • Manage and build a data science and engineering team (3-5 data engineers and data scientists) via creating and implementing a group vision, managing people and their performances, building competencies, and helping create data-based value across all R&D work streams
  • Conduct hands-on work to support individual project tasks while providing technical guidance and organizational support to the team
  • Collaborate with the global data science teams across Berkeley and Bangalore, to help implement global data science tools, and customize solutions based on local organizational needs.
  • Conduct appropriate trainings, where necessary, to help R&D scientists to leverage data tools for decision making
  • Act as an internal consultant, and spar with R&D experimentalists to manage and analyse data, across the data value chain, and help create new ideas and hypotheses for experimental validation
  • Participate in defining data governance via establishing processes to safeguard data while keeping agile practices


  • Ph.D. in Bioinformatics/Computation Biology, Applied Mathematics/Statistics/Computer sciences with biological applications, and 5-7 years of relevant experience in data engineering/analytics, or MSc/MTech. in similar fields with 10-12 years of relevant experience (as described above)
  • A talented individual with strong leadership skills managing technical resources.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing large scale data architecture and data science solutions in life sciences R&D with a "customer-first" strategy utilizing agile methodologies
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies (AWS, Azure) is a plus.
  • Relevant data management experience within Biotechnology preferred, including applications in chemical, food, medical device, or other R&D workflow-based industries
  • Experience in statistical and advanced analytics (ML/AI), with coding background in Python, R, and other scripting languages, and/or JMP tools, and in data visualization tools, such as Tableau, Spotfire, etc.
  • Experience with LIMS and ELN solutions is a plus.
  • A strong understanding of databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, etc.

It's a Perfect Day to change the world. The day when delicious dairy goodness is something everyone can love. The day we say goodbye to the downsides of factory farming. The day we throw a big party with luscious, animal-free milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, all made with Perfect Day! We hope you join us!

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