Motor Control Engineer

Milpitas, CA
2 months ago
Full time role


A subsidiary of Docaposte and Bull (Atos), SERES is a major player in the digital transformation of companies in the ...

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Job Description

At SERES, we’re forging a new kind of mobility company by combining the DNA of advanced automotive engineering and design with that of state of the art smart technologies and connectivity to revolutionize the future of premium electric vehicles. From our corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley we’re bringing the best and brightest together with a common goal of creating the next generation of smart, clean, connected vehicles for you.

Our vision is to deliver premium electric vehicles that enhance the daily lives of our users, allowing them to live more connected, productive lives through the integration of clean technology and advanced hardware and software. The future of mobility is more than getting from A to B, it’s about keeping connected to provide users customizable features, when they want it.

Responsible for developing motor control algorithms, calibrations, and modeling in mechanical system; developing mechanical test plans and processing electro-mechanical system testing data from the lab experiments. Specifically, the job duties include:


Duties and responsibilities 

  1. Develop and validate advanced motor control algorithms and control strategy for electro-mechanical system both in the laboratory and in vehicle level.
  2. Develop state-feedback field-oriented controls (FOC) and robust state observers
  3. Develop over-modulation algorithm using state-of-art techniques
  4. Optimize machine mechanical (position/speed) sensor configuration and design advanced speed controller to attenuate system mechanical torque oscillation induced in vehicle dynamics.
  5. Perform parameter calibration using back-to-back motor dyno and full-scale drivetrain dyno.
  6. Perform vehicle level testing to obtain smooth communication between VCU (vehicle control unit), electrical motor and internal combustion engine.
  7. Post-process experimental data using LabVIEW/Matlab for control algorithm development.
  8. Define specification of hardware components including torque transducer, power analyzer, temperature sensors, position, voltage, and current sensors.
  9. Design and implement motor control algorithm development with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulations.

Required Education and Experience

    • MS degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering + 6 months experience in motor control. Or PhD degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering.
    • Have used engineering tools such as Vector PREEvision or similar to create network or communication designs and to understand wiring schematics
    • Experience with failure analysis methodology like FMEA and fault trees
    • Experience with standard EE lab instruments (oscilloscope, multimeters, data bus analysis tools, ...)
    • Motivation to make complicated systems work together
    • Electric vehicle systems and hands-on integration testing experience
    • Creativity in your design
    • Motivation to make a difference in the automotive industry
    • Ability to build stuff with your hands
    • Great communication skills


SERES is an equal opportunity employer committed to a culturally diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status or protected veteran status.

A subsidiary of Docaposte and Bull (Atos), SERES is a major player in the digital transformation of companies in the ...

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