Amanda Vieillard

  • Marine Scientist
  • Washington, DC, 20009, US
  • Jan 19, 2021
Full time role, Paid fellowship

Personal Summary

Highly skilled and accomplished Marine Scientist with ten years of experience studying marine ecosystems, with a strong track record of effectively communicating complex scientific issues to a variety of audiences, and six years of experience supervising teams of two to eight. A proven collaborator who works with team members and relevant stakeholders to collect and convert research data into measurable outcomes and clearly communicated results. Has developed skills in multi-year project management, process improvement, consensus building, and staff supervision to achieve project goals, serving as a catalyst for positive change and new ideas.

• Expertise in Marine Ecosystems • Project Management • Science Communication
• Scientific Research • Collaboration • Community Outreach
• Quantitative Analysis • Internal/External Team Building • Liaison Services
• Data Collection & Interpretation • Continuous Quality Improvement • Mentorship

ArcMap & GIS; R; Primer; Matlab; Microsoft Office Suite

Work Experience

Sep 2017 - Dec 2020 University of Auckland, Institute of Marine Science

• Conducted research on the impact of sea level rise & pollutants (including nitrogen, sediment and micro-plastics) on coastal marine habitats.
• Managed multi-year field and laboratory-based projects with overlapping timelines, including project budgeting as well as publication & dissemination of outcomes
• Established project goals and key metrics
• Liaised with governmental, Indigenous (Māori) and local stakeholders.
• Facilitated cross-functional teams to build consensus and support for shared goals via inter and intradepartmental collaboration.
• Worked with senior management on the use of data in strategic planning of new research directions and projects.
• Collaborated to create a roadmap of replicable processes and procedures for the consistent execution of subsequent projects.

Jul 2013 - Aug 2017 University of Connecticut, Department of Marine Science

• Worked as a National Science Foundation (NSF) and Sea Grant funded researcher investigating the impact of oyster aquaculture on coastal water quality and nutrient cycling in New England.
• Managed multi-year, seasonal field and laboratory-based projects with overlapping timelines.
• Liaised with oyster farmers to negotiate farm access and share research outcomes. Also advised farmers working on the Billion Oyster Project in New York Harbor.
• Supervised 1-3 assistants assigned to the project, ensuring deadlines were met and work quality was maintained.
• Conducted extensive community outreach and science communication.
• Provided input to strategies to improve the overall governance of research projects.

Jun 2011 - Jun 2013 Boston University, Department of Earth Science

• Worked as an NSF-funded researcher studying how human-derived nutrient loading impacts New England saltmarsh ecosystems, at the long-term ecological research (LTER) site in MA.
• Designed and executed a two-year research project with the guidance of the major advisor, and communicated research outcomes in peer-reviewed publications.
• Supervised teams of 2-8 research assistants & volunteers, ensuring deadlines were met and work quality was maintained.


Ph.D. in Marine Science
- Mar 2021 University of Auckland
Master of Science in Oceanography
- Sep 2017 University of Connecticut
Master of Arts in Earth Science
- Jan 2013 Boston University
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science
- Jan 2011 Boston University

Software Languages & Skills

MATLAB, R, Excel

Experience Level

7-14 years

Sectors of Interest

Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Communication & Media, Pollution & Waste Reduction, Climate Science

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