Soon-Young Shimizu

  • Student Researcher
  • Tarrytown, NY, 10591, US
  • Feb 22, 2021

Personal Summary

Work Experience

Student Researcher
Mar 2019 - Jun 2019 Dual-Degree Program

Student Researcher
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018 Proficiencies & Skills

Performed experiments with optics equipment
- Built a temperature control circuit board and machined a circuit box
Google/Microsoft Office Suite,

Solidworks (CSWA Certified),

Technical Intern
Jul 2017 - Sep 2017 Sketch-Up, Inkscape, Adobe Software

- Constructed & painted set pieces and props; sewed costumes

- Designed and formatted the opera's program


Bachelor of Arts - Physics & STEM Education
Sep 2016 - May 2020 Amherst College
Bachelor of Engineering
Sep 2018 - Jun 2021 Dartmouth College

Sector of expertise (Other):


Sectors of Interest

Buildings & Cities, Research & Education, Energy, Transportation, Carbon Removal Engineering, Technology, Science (Other)

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