James Hoy

  • MBA Student (Product Manager Intern)
  • Evanston, IL, 60201, US
  • Mar 08, 2021
Internship Biology Chemistry Design Engineering: Electrical Engineering: Hardware Engineering: Mechanical Engineering: Other Engineering: Software Fellowship / Internship Product Manager Project Manager Sustainability

Personal Summary

I am an experienced engineer from the traditional power generation sector looking to pivot into a product role for a sustainability-focused organization, with a focus on renewable energy or GHG reduction. I spent the last 6 years with Siemens Energy designing control systems for power plants, and I want to transition my skills to a more eco-friendly line of work.

Work Experience

Senior Controls Engineer
Jan 2019 - Jul 2020 Siemens Energy
  • Gathered technical inputs from internal and external engineering teams to produce product requirements documentation for $1M automation system on Siemens's flagship next-generation gas turbine project
  • Coordinated technical inputs with Siemens R&D engineering team to design and launch automation system software for new motor control equipment that reduced cabling requirements by at least 50%
  • Led 10-person cross organizational team during automation system testing with Siemens's most important client, collecting customer feedback and resolving issues to meet 100% customer satisfaction
  • Collaborated with customer engineering team to build, test, and implement custom software feature monitoring plant operation, ensuring regulatory compliance with electrical grid authority requirements
  • Prioritized delivery dates for automation system software by impact to project critical path during delay in execution phase, avoiding delay to overall project schedule and meeting critical project startup milestone
Controls Engineer
Jul 2015 - Jan 2019 Siemens Energy
  • Supported site implementation team through resolution of power plant automation system technical issues, allowing Siemens to successfully meet major startup milestone for a $570M project
  • Performed data collection and analysis on historical plant operation data to provide technical evidence supporting Siemens's position in a dispute with a supplier involving plant equipment valued at over $1M
  • Automated quality checks for 1500+ item database using Microsoft Access queries, reducing both process time and manual input errors in documentation provided to site implementation team by over 50%
Engineering Development Program
Jan 2014 - Jul 2015 Siemens Energy
  • Developed automated pipe-sizing tool using Excel VBA macros, streamlining the process and reducing work time by at least 50%; tool is still used by Siemens Process & Controls team for piping design 
  • Analyzed historical manufacturing production data to identify sources of defects for problematic product line, supporting process improvement team in successfully increasing product yield 3X within 6 months 
  • Built Excel VBA-based tool to improve critical resource allocation for R&D engineering team; initial version of tool became basis of department-wide expansion after presentation to department management


Bachelor of Science - Chemical Engineering
Aug 2009 - May 2013 University of Virginia
MS Design Innovation
Jul 2020 - Jun 2022 Northwestern University
Jul 2020 - Jun 2022 Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management

Software Languages & Skills

Python, MATLAB, VBScript, Excel

Experience Level

3-6 years

Sectors of Interest

Buildings & Cities, Energy, Carbon Removal Engineering, Consumer Goods, Materials & Manufacturing, Pollution & Waste Reduction, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Climate Science

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