Ashwin Ramdas

  • Software Developer and Data Engineer
  • Denver, CO, USA
  • Mar 28, 2021
Full time role, Part time role, Contract position Data Analyst Data Scientist Design Engineering: Hardware Engineering: Mechanical Engineering: Software Operations Product Manager Project Manager Sustainability

Personal Summary

My name is Ashwin Ramdas, and I am seeking a career related to sustainable technology or environmental protection. I have a profound passion for cutting-edge technology, clean energy, electric vehicles, and protecting our natural, wild lands. I founded Infinity Goods, a zero-waste grocery delivery service in Denver, to help alleviate the plastic pollution created by food packaging. I have also developed two mobile apps that enable other food services to ditch disposables and switch to reusable wares for takeout and delivery.

I worked for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as a Data Scientist where I analyzed supply chains for different renewable energy technologies, developed Python models to project the cost and adoption of solar, and authored papers on the economic potential of distributed wind and solar.

I was also an amateur comedian and creator of the web series "Ashwin Enjoys Nature," which had over 50,000 subscribers at its peak and over 3,000,000 views. I try to balance my work life with my other hobbies, such as plant-based cooking, playing guitar, exercising, apartment gardening, and writing standup that I will never be brave enough to perform.

Work Experience

Founder & CEO
Oct 2019 - Infinity Goods & RepEATer

- Created zero-waste grocery delivery service that employed reusable containers
and circular economy principles to cut out plastic packaging waste
- Wrote Python and JavaScript tech that optimized and increased output by 200%
- Developed 2 mobile apps with delivery routing and QR-tracking software that
enables food services to replace disposable to-go boxes with reusables
- Company diverted over 19,000 units of packaging waste in one year
- Chosen as top 10 finalist in National Geographic's Plastic Innovation Challenge

Data Scientist II
Jul 2017 - Nov 2020 National Renewable

- Led code development of PV system cost model, hallmark of DOE's Solar Energy Technology Office, using Python and SQL
- Authored 2 publications on customer adoption of distributed energy using
Python and SQL based models
- Analyzed large datasets and visualized outputs for several projects
- Created ETL scripts to convert multiple excel-based models to Python models

Design Engineer
Sep 2015 - May 2017 Harley-Davidson

- Designed chassis parts including foot controls, frame, wheel, and swingarm
- Translated input from marketing, reliability, and manufacturing into designs
- Managed lifecycle of parts from conception and testing to production
- Analyzed cause for part failures during testing and executed design solutions


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
Aug 2011 - May 2015 The University

Software Languages & Skills

Python, Java, Javascript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Excel

Experience Level

3-6 years

Sectors of Interest

Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Land Use, Atmosphere, Carbon Accounting & Offsetting, Carbon Removal Engineering, Climate Adaptation, Consumer Goods, Materials & Manufacturing, Pollution & Waste Reduction, Climate Venture Capital, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Climate Science

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