Jennifer Laponte

  • Jennifer Laponte
  • Boston, MA, USA
  • Apr 05, 2021
Full time role, Part time role, Contract position Data Analyst Quality Assurance Technician

Personal Summary

ArcGIS (Online, Pro), QGIS, Remote Sensing, Quality Assurance, Customer Service,
Digital Design, Microsoft Office Suite

Work Experience

QC Technician

•Evaluates distresses on sidewalks, pavement, street signs, etc. for optimizing future
•Maintains a high level of focus for consistent outcomes
•Collaborates with team in person and remotely to improve our approach
•Uses QGIS to map street and sidewalk features in different towns throughout the U.S. and Canada


Bachelor of Arts - Political Science
Clark University

Software Languages & Skills

Javascript, HTML/CSS, Excel

Experience Level

1-2 years

I am here to:

Get a job, Learn more about climate change and solutions, Connect with others in the space, Find a mentor

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