Gabriel Altieri

  • Research Analyst
  • Redlands, CA, USA
  • Apr 08, 2021
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Personal Summary

My name is Gabriel Altieri and I am a recent graduate from the University of Redlands where I completed a B.S. Environmental Science, B.A. Economics, and a minor in GIS and Spatial Analysis. My emphasis within environmental sciences was based around Ecology, and I completed research within the San Bernardino National Forest focused around ecological impacts of wildfires. 

I have prior experience working within the water industry, mainly surrounding insights and market research, catered towards CAPEX, financial modeling, forecasting, and analysis surrounding the automotive industry. Aside from that, I have environmental research experience catered towards ecological impacts of wildfires,  looking at the changes in Above Ground Biomass (AGB), Change in Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR), Sapling data, Regrowth efforts, and Remote Sensing data. 

I have a strong interest in climate science, carbon emissions, environmental chemistry, renewable energy, ecology, forestry, and also the intersection between the environment and the economy. I am a very driven person and am interested in a research-based opportunity preferably at a company in which I can provide a true impact to the planet in helping combat environmental issues and disasters. I also have an entrepreneurial drive and am working to deepen my knowledge of computer science properties. 

Work Experience

Research Analyst
May 2020 - Dec 2020 Bluefield Research

• Conducted market research and analysis pertaining to all facets of the water industry on a project basis
o Primary projects have been based around COVID-19, evaluating and compiling municipality data, and projecting
different water related variables; specifically, within the automotive industry.
o Generated CIP (Capital Improvement Program) framework, updated financial research and produced an Insight
Report with information surrounding impact of COVID-19.
o Developed and produced research via Insight Report on the automotive industry in light of COVID-19; as well as the changes in water usage, water withdrawal, profiles on top players in the automotive industry and relative future
projections of the industry and the EV market.

Environmental Researcher
Jun 2020 - Sep 2020 University of Redlands

• Summer Science Research Program at the University of Redlands
o Working with Dr. Hillary Jenkins to frame and develop previous research towards a published body of work;
ultimately to be submitted to a credible environmental journal within Ecology
o Research was based around analysis and development of wildfire work conducted in the San Bernardino National
Forest in 2019
o Presented work to accredited professors and students within the universities STEM program

Environmental Research Assistant
Sep 2019 - May 2020 University of Redlands

• Advised on research processes based on summer research focusing on Forest Fire Recovery and Ecological Trajectory
• Construct and develop laboratories for the educational purposes of "Great Environmental Disasters" class
o Designed and built Fire Lab in collaboration with Dr. Hillary Jenkins to educate students on environmental impacts
o Set up Fire Lab (controlled Fire) for students to observe, learn, and analyze
o Assisted in the building and development of Coriolis Effect machine for lab demo
§ Utilized ArcPro Software to correct GIS related labs

Environmental Research Intern
Jun 2019 - Sep 2019 University of Redlands

• Summer Science Research Program at The University of Redlands
o Working with Dr. Hillary Jenkins on awarded grant focusing on impacts of wildfires and future regrowth trajectory of the Conifer Pine Forest and other types of vegetation in San Bernardino National Forest
§ Primarily focused on ecological impacts of the wildfires; pertaining to trees, grasslands and other types of shrubbery and the health of these ecosystems
§ Focused on the future outlook of the forest
§ Evaluating pre and post-wildfire vegetation growth and regrowth, biomass, mass and carbon related losses
§ Assisted other interns to determine soil effects and analyze post-fire recovery, as well as burn index via drone
§ Significant use of ArcGIS Pro software and Collector app
o Presented personal and group research findings via Poster and PowerPoint to the University of Redlands community
o Accepted to present at SCCUR (Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research) at California State
University: San Marcos

Jun 2018 - Aug 2018 GEI Consultants Inc

Lead Intern with data management project documenting critical knowledge for future decision making; assisted in the creation
of a knowledge database for future storage purposes.
o Documented environmental files, documents, reports, journals, calculations and advisory documents to be used for
future reference.
§ Prioritized documents with key stakeholders
§ Scanned and transferred vital documents to cloud based system created
o Coached interns to help them manage their deliverables throughout the summer

Engineering Intern
Jun 2017 - Dec 2017 Henkel Corporation

• Collaborated with engineering department to conduct priority research and key calculations for machinery improvement
o Summer project to conduct an entire facility tagging, logging and analysis of company assets on campus to determine
depreciation and future.
§ Presented to all forms of management explaining the inventory control system implemented.
§ Performed daily tasks and projects throughout the office and entire facility as requested by staff and management utilizing SAP Software

Leadership and Community Involvement


Bachelor of Arts - Economics
Aug 2016 - Dec 2020 University of Redlands
Bachelor of Science - Environmental Sciences
Aug 2016 - Dec 2020 University Redlands

Software Languages & Skills

Python, Java, HTML/CSS, R, Excel

Experience Level

1-2 years

Sector of expertise (Other):

Ecology & GIS

Sectors of Interest

Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Research & Education, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Advocacy or Policy, Transportation, Atmosphere, Carbon Accounting & Offsetting, Carbon Removal Engineering, Climate Adaptation, Climate Finance, Pollution & Waste Reduction, Climate Venture Capital, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Climate Science, Science (Other)

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