• COO / CMO / CPO & Growth Advisor
  • London, UK
  • Apr 09, 2021
Full time role, Contract position Communications Marketing Operations Product Manager Research Consulting

Personal Summary

A diligent, empathetic, methodical & resilient professional with a passion for developing people and culture. Broad and deep experience across tech, creative, education, finance & consulting sectors with a drive to improve. Leads with empathy, authenticity & trust focussed on building strong relationships, high-performing teams and consistent results. 

Enjoys thinking creatively, using evidence to inform insights, building new experiences and solving hard problems. Invests in people, ideas, experiments and macro trends with thoughtfulness about how technology impacts people and the world. Strives to bring energy, inquisitiveness, focus, transparency and calmness to teams.

• 10 years building startups in senior Operations, Marketing & Product roles

• 7 years personally investing in early to mid stage startups with ~30% IRR

• 10 years collaborating with multinational corporates and SMEs

Also, I've been researching the climate challenge for the last 4 years. During this time I've been able to sort-of manually track - using online tools - and reduce my family's carbon footprint to almost 1/3 of the national average through a bunch of thought and effort.

In my opinion this has been a lot harder than it should be for everyday people like myself. Combined with the fact that the last third is pretty damn challenging to shift: it's mostly just existing in a developed Western economy, even if you're very intentional in your behavior and choices.

To try to combat that last chunk of carbon, and to give myself a little wiggle room (as no-one can get excited about just existing in the 21st century), I've also been offsetting a whole load of carbon through a variety of projects around the world. Because they're currently so cheap $/ton I'm probably technically offsetting a considerable amount more than I consume or produce.

Still, it doesn't feel like enough.

Work Experience

Chief Operating Officer + Head of Growth
Jan 2017 - Mar 2020 SuperHi Inc

Created and executed company strategy for an online education startup including revenue & financial modelling, unit economics development, user research practice, product development & prioritisation roadmaps as well as supporting fundraising; while continuously championing an open, transparent culture and customer centricity.

Recruited a distributed, remote-first team across 5 countries between UTC+1 and UTC-8. Built employee engagement & HR strategy across onboarding, reviews & feedback, wellbeing benefits and vacation policies to embed positive cultural behaviours within the team. Managed suppliers, scholarships and worldwide distribution of physical goods.

Developed core & non-core product strategy, workflow processes as well as leading & managing a diverse cross-functional team from design, development, customer research/success, user experience and product specialisms while launching 20 digital products.

Designed, implemented and scaled a multi-channel, data-driven growth strategy across the full customer journey & lifecycle from awareness to revenue, retention and repeat. Ownership of creative, targeting, audience & metrics/KPIs for paid, owned, earned, social channels. Developed product features and experiments to improve CAC & LTV over time.

Grew monthly revenue ~30x to profitability with 5x ROAS alongside a consistent NPS of  over 85/100 with a balanced community of active users in 90 countries including core markets of USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and Australia.

Interim CMO + CPO
Apr 2014 - Jun 2017 Spindizzy Ltd

Developed relationships with over 20 startups working on product, experience, data and growth/marketing challenges across strategy, planning & execution. Utilising Lean, product, marketing and UX principles to establish best practice and iteratively build core team competencies. Harnessing, organising, prioritising & productising the chaos with research, insight, process, trust and empathy. Roles in various sectors including Insurtech, Fintech, Proptech and corporate venture consultancy. 

Venture Studio Entrepreneur + Coach
May 2015 - Apr 2016 Rainmaking Innovation

Entrepreneur In Residence
Jul 2014 - Nov 2014 Startup Bootcamp Fintech

Founder + CEO
May 2010 - Nov 2013 iWriteReadRate Ltd

Founded & bootstrapped an online two-sided UGC marketplace in the publishing sector centred on the disruption that ebooks created in evolving the traditional model of authors, agents, publishers & audiences. Created and iterated an MVP with responsibility for ops, research, product, partnerships, design, and marketing. Led a cross-functionalteam from idea, through build and launch phases to several thousand active users.

Global Account Manager
Jul 2011 - Apr 2014 Forrester Research Inc

Corporate Account Manager
Mar 2004 - Jul 2011 Vodafone Enterprise Plc


BA - English Literature
University of Hull
Digital Marketing
Google Squared
Product Management Essentials
General Assembly
Digital Marketing
General Assembly
HTML, CSS + Javascript
User Experience Design
General Assembly

Software Languages & Skills


Experience Level

15+ years

Sectors of Interest

Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Research & Education, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Transportation, Atmosphere, Carbon Accounting & Offsetting, Carbon Removal Engineering, Climate Adaptation, Consumer Goods, Climate Finance, Materials & Manufacturing, Communication & Media, Pollution & Waste Reduction, Climate Venture Capital, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Climate Science, Science (Other), Community & Movement Building

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