Samir Bahadur Thapa

  • Independent Consultant/Research Fellow
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • May 03, 2021
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Personal Summary

I recently completed my Ph.D. (Business) in late 2019, and I am sincerely motivated to develop myself as a proficient interdisciplinary researcher promoting sustainability, especially in the interface of emerging technologies, climate finance, and human preferences, and within the context of broader regional and global linkages of mitigation policies and programs. I want to achieve this by studying the mitigation measures and their sustainable development impacts and how the process and outcomes influence the theoretical concerns of economic efficiency and equity, and if there are potential of linking the process and outcomes across systems and boundaries to achieve the twin goals of reducing poverty and climate change. My current interest is studying the potential and process of pricing carbon, through empirical studies of policies and citizens preferences for carbon pricing measures in relation to the consumption-based accounting measures and fair distribution of revenues in relation to the Paris Agreement objectives, with a particular focus on operationalizing Articles 6.2, 6.4 and 6.8. 

My current ambitions are based on my prior experiences of organizing and managing clean energy and climate change-related policies and programs with academia, government, and NGOs, which spans over 15 years. This has primarily involved renewable energy promotion, with a focus on improving energy access and energy mix and improving synergies between mitigation and adaptation outcomes of energy use. I have demonstrated experience in program/project management and implementation in areas of renewable energy and energy access with a focus on financing (climate & carbon finance, debt finance), gender & social inclusion, decentralization/devolution, and enhancing productive use/energy enterprises. I have the skillset to use quantitative (e.g., non-market valuation, panel data analysis, detailed feasibility) and qualitative (e.g., landscape and case studies) research methods, and have extensive experience in survey design, data analysis, and report writing and publications. 

I believe that these experiences, especially of promoting non-market and market-based climate financing measures such as through the CDM and GCF under constrained political economy conditions, thin markets, and different socio-economic conditions can generate important synergies for research and work related to climate change, energy, and environment. I have a clear conceptual and theoretical understanding of sustainable financing and its ecosystem including the ability and expertise (e.g., lifecycle assessment) to analyze and estimate monetary and non-monetary values of social and environmental impacts related to methodologies such as ADALYs and Women Empowerment Index. I have extensive hands-on experience in implementing distributed renewable energy and energy efficiency-related programs and activities including the design and implementation of tools for monitoring and evaluating socio-economic and environmental impacts required as part of the monitoring, reporting, and verification protocols for the issuance of greenhouse gas emission reduction credits and associated co-benefits.

Work Experience

Independent Consultant
Apr 2021 - Self-employed


Mar 2015 - Mar 2019 Charles Sturt University

Software Languages & Skills


Experience Level

15+ years

Sector of expertise (Other):

Energy and Climate Finance

Sectors of Interest

Buildings & Cities, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Research & Education, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Land Use, Advocacy or Policy, Transportation, Consumer Goods, Climate Finance, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy

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