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Progress on Permitting

In today's issue of "This Week in Climate", we look at a breakthrough in permitting.
Julian Moore
May 29, 2023 9 min read
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Permitting Breakthrough

Lawmakers are close to reaching a modest agreement on reforming the energy project permitting process in the United States. The deal is part of legislation aimed at raising the debt ceiling and preventing a default. The agreement would simplify the construction of interstate transmission lines required for clean electricity transportation across the country.

In order to appeal to Republicans, the deal would also introduce minor changes to the National Environmental Policy Act, a law blamed by GOP lawmakers for causing delays in infrastructure projects.

The proposed transmission plan is based on the Building Integrated Grids With Inter-Regional Energy Supply (Big Wires) Act, introduced by Rep. Scott Peters and Sen. John Hickenlooper. That bill aims to incentivize the construction of transmission lines by requiring regions to transfer at least 30 percent of their peak electricity demand.

Republicans initially pushed for permitting to be included in the debt ceiling bill, with Rep. Garret Graves advocating for a permitting proposal. However, the emerging deal only includes incremental changes sought by Graves and other Republicans. It does not incorporate the broader changes proposed by some Democrats, who want to grant the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) more authority over interstate transmission lines.

The White House has also expressed its support for permitting reform, with a focus on accelerating the expansion of transmission lines and renewable energy projects on federal lands.

States Take the Lead

Minnesota and Colorado are set to introduce new laws that provide significant financial incentives for adopting renewable energy and electric vehicles. These laws are modeled after federal clean energy tax credits established under the Inflation Reduction Act and aim to accelerate the nation's transition to clean energy.

The legislation in Minnesota allocates hundreds of millions of dollars from a $2 billion budget bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This includes tax rebates that incentivize the adoption of solar power systems, electric home appliances, and electric vehicles. The bill is expected to pass through the Democrat-controlled state legislature and be signed into law by Governor Tim Walz.

Similarly, Colorado recently enacted a series of bills that offer state tax credits of up to $120 million for heat pumps, electric vehicles, and even electric lawn equipment. Residents in these states who install solar panels, utilize energy-efficient heat pumps, or purchase electric vehicles could benefit from combined credits from both the state and federal governments, making these clean energy technologies more affordable. The Minnesota legislation will also support private developers by providing funding that complements federal resources for clean energy projects.

Once passed, the bill will allocate funds for solar panel installations in schools and public buildings, electric vehicle rebates, electric school buses, grants for electric heat pump installations in homes, electric panel installations for appliances, and the state's green bank.

In Colorado, the laws are more consumer-focused, allowing residents to access state-level tax credits for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and electric heat pumps. State-level actions are crucial for the successful implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act, as they have the power to direct utilities to reduce carbon emissions and encourage the adoption of renewable energy resources.

Renewables on Tribal Lands

The U.S. Energy Department has announced $34 million in funding for 18 renewable energy projects, as part of the Biden administration's initiative to provide clean electricity to remote areas that lack reliable service, face high energy expenses, and suffer from the impacts of climate change.

The funding, sourced from annual Congressional appropriations, will support various smaller-scale projects across the country, ranging from microgrids to solar power. These projects will benefit 1,000 tribal buildings and over 800 homes, spanning from Alaska to New York.

The issue of energy poverty is particularly significant in Native American communities. Empowering these communities with the ability to generate their own power not only provides economic opportunities but also establishes a workforce.

A 2022 Energy Department survey revealed that 31% of tribes experience monthly or more frequent electricity outages. Approximately 17,000 homes on tribal lands, housing around 54,400 individuals, have reported a lack of electricity.

Among the grants awarded, the Hopi Utilities Corporation in Arizona will receive $3.6 million to implement a remote microgrid with 400 kW of solar power and 1,500 kilowatt-hours of battery energy storage. Additionally, a project in Alaska will receive $600,000 to incorporate battery storage into the Atmautluak Tribal Utilities' wind diesel power system. This will help the tribe reduce reliance on fossil fuels and save households $15,000 annually in home heating expenses.

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Liminal Insights

"Our core belief is that better data and analytics in battery manufacturing can catalyze the EV transition by significantly improving battery cost, quality, and reliability. We are working towards a clean energy future in which everyone who wants an EV can afford one. ..."

  • Sr. Software Engineer (Emeryville, CA, USA)
  • Machine Learning Engineer (Emeryville, CA, USA)
  • Head of Solutions Engineering (Emeryville, CA, USA)

The Landbanking Group

"The Landbanking Group (TLG) has been initiated as a moonshot project to revolutionise the way land is being valued and used by land stewards at a moment where ecosystem services are critical prerequisites for equitable, resilient and climate compatible prosperity and peace. TLG is committed to the SDGs, the Paris Climate Agreement and the biodiversity targets of the High Ambition Coalition. ..."

  • Senior Software Engineer - Backend (gn) (Remote)
  • Senior GIS & EO Data Engineer (gn) (Remote (München, Berlin, Remote, Bayern, Germany))
  • Senior Geospatial Machine Learning Scientist - Landcover & Land-Use Mapping (gn) (Remote)


"Othersphere identifies the most profitable and sustainable locations for deployment of zero / low greenhouse gas industrial technologies. With development support from Breakthrough Energy, the Othersphere software platform tightly integrates energy systems models and geospatial analytics to accelerate global industrial decarbonization and enable: Faster deployment of more beneficial projects Democratized access to critical market insights Reduced greenhouse gas emissions trajectories ..."

  • Product Analytics Lead (Remote (Victoria / Vancouver / Seattle / Europe / Other, CA))
  • Senior Hydrogen / PtX Analyst (Remote (Victoria / Vancouver / Seattle / Europe / Other, CA))
  • Front-end Developer (Remote (Victoria / Vancouver / Seattle / Europe / Other, CA))
  • Platform Data Lead (Remote (Victoria / Vancouver / Seattle / Europe / Other, CA))


"Frio has developed the first Smart Heat Trace Controller, helping to bring heat trace into the next generation. Our S1 Heat Trace Controller combines IoT connectivity, innovative sensing, and advanced control methods to deliver 24/7 advanced monitoring and automatic fault notification. Our system increases reliability, improves energy efficiency and makes for a better user experience. ..."

  • Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

Axle Energy

"We’re building software to move energy usage to those times when electricity is cheap and green. Our software controls vehicle charging, heating systems, and home batteries. We use machine learning to figure out what energy people will need, and when they'll need it. We minimize CO2 and costs, and protect the grid by limiting peak demand. ..."

  • Software Engineer (London, UK)


"Creating reliable, local, carbon-free energy at scale so that our grid becomes 100% renewable. The value of matching clean energy supply with demand is greater when generation and consumption are located in proximity. We understand that for leading energy buyers, governments and suppliers it’s essential to focus on half-hourly decarbonization of local and regional electricity grids. We’re here to lower the ..."

  • Full Stack Engineer (React Python) (Remote (Remote Utc +, 3))
  • Senior Data Scientist (Remote (Remote Utc +, 3))
  • Staff/Senior Python Engineer (Remote (Remote Utc +, 3))
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions Lead - UK (Remote (London))
  • MBA- Finance and Strategy Internship (Remote (London))
  • Marketing and Content Manager (Remote (Remote Utc +, 3))
  • Business Development – C&I Renewable Energy (Remote (Remote Utc +, 3))
  • Head of Finance (Remote)
  • Staff/Senior Python Engineer (Remote)

Climate Now

"Climate Now is a multi-platform resource on the science of climate change, covering the key scientific theories underpinning our understanding of how and why the climate is changing; our global energy system and the emissions we produce; the various approaches to addressing and reversing climate change and their respective costs; policy opportunities and pitfalls; energy and climate-related technologies; and other ..."

  • Associate Producer (Remote)
  • Marketing Manager (Remote)

CarbonCure Technologies

"CarbonCure Technologies is an award-winning clean technology company leading a global mission to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete – the world’s most used building material. Our vision is to drive an annual reduction of 500 megatons of carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions; the equivalent of removing 100 million cars from the road. Our technology has been installed in over 400 concrete plants ..."

  • Regional Sales Manager (Remote (United States (Remote)))

Boundary Stone

"BSP is the leading climate change government affairs firm working at the intersection of technology, finance, and policy. ..."

  • Vice President for Federal Finance (Remote (Washington, District of Columbia))
  • Manager for Federal Finance (Remote (Washington, District of Columbia))
  • Associate for Federal Finance (Remote (Washington, District of Columbia))
  • Office Assistant (Remote (Washington, District of Columbia))
  • Policy Associate - Washington, D.C. (Remote (Washington, District of Columbia))


"Sealed is a climate tech company on a mission to stop home energy waste and electrify all homes. Sealed designs, manages, and finances home weatherization and electrification projects, making it easy and affordable for people to be more comfortable while using less energy. Our proven holistic approach can reduce energy use by 50% and takes a home completely off of fossil ..."

  • Head of Capital Markets (Remote (Remote USA))
  • Construction Project Manager (Remote (Remote USA))


"Macro-Eyes is a venture-backed technology company shifting supply and demand networks to respond precisely to what will come next, rather than what already occurred. Macro-Eyes received the first major investment in AI by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and our technology works for corporations and governments across 10 countries - enabling scarce resources to reach far more people in need and ..."

  • Senior Finance Manager (Remote)
  • Machine Learning Scientist (Remote)

Earth Angel Sustainable Productions LLC

"Film & television production is transitory, resource intensive, and extremely time-constrained, making it difficult to mitigate the consumption and disposal habits of the cast and crew. Strapped for time, most productions resort to filling dozens of dumpsters of reusable or recyclable material, resulting in unnecessary carbon emissions, and exorbitant sums of money wasted. ..."

  • Eco Representative (Eco Rep) - Atlanta (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  • Eco Representative (Eco Rep) - Toronto (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Nira Energy

"Nira's mission is to convert the US power grid to be 100% fossil-free. Nira is a software platform that helps renewable energy developers (solar/wind) find the most profitable land to build new projects. We focus on estimating the cost to interconnect with the electrical grid (aka the Interconnection Process). Depending on where developers connect, they may be on the hook to pay ..."

  • Account Executive (Remote)
  • Full Stack Engineer (Remote)
  • Data Engineer (Remote)


"Zitara Technologies builds battery management software for companies with large deployments. Customers across industries (EVs, satellites, renewable energy storage) rely on Zitara's cloud-ready embedded solutions for advanced battery management that precisely predict and manage the charge of every vehicle or fleet asset. With a precise charge plan, enterprises can minimize downtime, maximize the longevity of their battery systems, increase safety, ..."

  • Battery Management System Controls Engineer (San Francisco, CA)
  • Senior DevOps Engineer (Remote (San Francisco, Ca, Remote))
  • Senior Software Engineer | Data Platform (San Francisco, Ca)
  • Senior DevOps Engineer (San Francisco, CA, USA)
  • Staff Software Engineer | Data Platform (San Francisco, CA, USA)
  • Battery Systems Engineer (San Francisco, Ca)
  • Senior Data Scientist (Boston, Ma, San Francisco, Ca)
  • Data Engineer (San Francisco, CA)
  • Battery Systems Engineer (San Francisco, CA, USA)
  • Sales Engineer (San Francisco, Ca)
  • Field Applications Engineer (San Francisco, Ca)
  • Software Engineer - Embedded Systems (San Francisco, CA)

Form Energy

"We are developing a new class of cost-effective, multi-day energy storage systems that will enable a reliable and fully-renewable electric grid year-round. ...'

They are hiring across the following departments:

  • Operations
  • Materials Engineering
  • Product Manager
  • Hardware Engineering
  • HR / Recuiting
  • Supply Chain
  • IT
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Office Administration
  • Staff Recruiter, Manufacturing (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Project Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Finance
  • Program Management

Wunder Capital

"Wunder was founded with one simple vision: to address the greatest crisis of our generation by accelerating the proliferation of solar energy. Members of our team have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in private equity, developed innovative energy infrastructure solutions for the Department of Energy, and built digital products that are used and loved by millions of people. Now, ..."

  • Counsel (Boulder, Denver, Co)
  • Program Manager (Boulder, CO )
  • Technical Project Lead (Boulder, CO )
  • Analyst, Solar Development (Boulder, CO)
  • Office Manager (Boulder, Denver, Co)
  • Commercial Real Estate Broker (Remote (Boulder, Denver, Remote))
  • Execution Lead (Boulder, CO )
  • Account Manager (Remote (Boulder, Denver, Remote))
  • General Application (Boulder, Denver, Co)


"Angaza creates technology for selling life-changing products, such as solar + battery home energy systems, on payment plans in off-grid regions across Africa and Asia. We've reached millions of people who now have electricity for the first time. ..."

  • Senior Software Engineer (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Financial Planning & Modeling Manager (Remote)

VitroLabs Inc

"VitroLabs, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Milpitas California, is a biotech company developing a scalable tissue engineering platform for the efficient and environmentally friendly production of leather from only a few cells. Combining advanced tissue engineering processes with proprietary advances to achieve commercial scale, VitroLabs is on a mission to produce cell cultivated leather that achieves the look, feel ..."

  • Open Application (Milpitas, California, United States)

Regrow Ag

"Agriculture has the power to reverse climate change. At Regrow, we believe that transforming agriculture systems is the single most important thing we can do to combat climate change — and we believe that science and technology can help us get there. Our software enables us and our partners to transform farming, food systems, and the future of our planet. Regrow combines ..."

  • Senior Scientist - Modeling (Remote)
  • Director of Product Marketing (Remote)
  • Full Stack Engineer (React Native / C#) (Remote)
  • Carbon Protocol Lead (Remote)
  • Senior Product Manager - Sustainability Insights (Remote)

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