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The Climate Capital Report (5/20-5-24)

Explore today's Climate Capital Report: see how companies are securing funds across climate, for the week of May 20th, 2024.
Ammar Khan
May 21, 2024 2 min read
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U.S.-Based Funding

🍄 Meati, based in Boulder, CO, raised $100M in Series C funding for its mycelium-based protein products. This funding will support the company's growth, particularly through its 100,000-square-foot "Mega Ranch" facility, which is expected to produce 45 million pounds of product annually at full capacity. Read more here.

EnviroSpark, from Clarion County, PA, raised $50M in funding to expand its EV charging stations and grow its network across the U.S. This investment will help EnviroSpark enhance its infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging solutions. Read more here.

🔋 Li Industries, located in Blacksburg, VA, raised $36M in Series B funding to advance its lithium-ion battery recycling technology. The funds will be used to scale up operations and enhance the company’s capabilities in processing and recycling batteries, contributing to a more sustainable energy ecosystem. Read more here.

🌡️ Zanskar, based in Provo, UT, raised $30M in Series B funding for its AI-led exploration technology to scout and develop new geothermal resources. This technology aims to make geothermal energy more accessible and cost-effective, supporting the transition to renewable energy sources. Read more here.

🥜 Voyage Foods, located in Oakland, CA, raised $30M in Series A funding for its cocoa-free chocolate and nut-free spreads. The investment will be used to expand the company's manufacturing facilities, allowing it to meet growing demand and further innovate its product offerings. Read more here.

🐄 Arkea Bio, out of Reno, NV, raised $26M in Series A funding to develop cow vaccines designed to reduce ruminant methane emissions. This funding will help Arkea Bio advance its research and bring its innovative solutions to market, aiming to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock industry. Read more here.

🧊 Paxafe, from Milwaukee, WI, raised $9M in Series A funding for its AI-powered cold chain logistics services. This investment will allow Paxafe to enhance its technology and expand its services, ensuring the efficient and safe transportation of perishable goods. Read more here.

🧊 Pascal, from Cambridge, MA, raised $8M in Seed funding to produce energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants for HVAC uses. This funding will support the development and commercialization of Pascal’s innovative refrigerant solutions. Read more here.

🖨️ Rapid Liquid Print, from Cambridge, MA, raised $7M in Series A funding for its 3D liquid printer startup that uses liquid silicone. The investment will enable the company to scale its operations and bring its advanced 3D printing technology to more markets. Read more here.

🌧️ Rainmaker, based in El Segundo, CA, raised $6.3M in Seed funding for its cloud seeding technology. This innovative approach aims to enhance rainfall in drought-prone areas, contributing to water security and agricultural productivity. Read more here.

🍄 Mycocycle, based in Bolingbrook, IL, raised $3.6M in Seed funding for its fungi-based recycling company, which uses the natural functions of fungi to transform construction waste into low-carbon raw materials. This funding will help Mycocycle scale its operations and further develop its sustainable recycling processes. Read more here.

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