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The Climate Capital Report (6/10/24)

Explore today's Climate Capital Report: see how companies are securing funds across climate.
Ammar Khan
Jun 10, 2024 1 min read
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U.S-Based Funding

🌳 Anymium, a company based in St. Paul, MN, raised $210M in debt financing for a new biocarbon production facility in California, which will be completed in 2025. Read more here.

🔥 Xcimer Energy, out of Denver, CO, raised $100M in Series A funding for its laser compression fusion technology. Read more here.

🌞 Sol Systems, from Washington, D.C. raised $85M in debt funding to build five solar projects in Illinois and Ohio. Read more here.

🔬 Prolific Machines, from San Francisco, CA, raised $55M in Series B funding for its photomolecular biology platform that uses light to grow cells that can then be used as cultivated meat products. Read more here.

🌲 Understory, based in Madison, WI, raised $15M in Series A funding for its climate risk analytics and insurance platform. Read more here.

🔨 SiTration, a Cambridge, MA-based innovative mining technology developer, raised $12M in Seed funding for its tech that can replace traditional resource-intensive mining processes. Read more here.

🚲 Whizz, a company based out of New York, raised $12M in equity funding for its e-bike subscription service that’s directed at gig workers. Read more here.

🚚 Viaduct, from Menlo Park, CA, raised $10M in Series B funding for its AI platform built to help automotive OEMs, fleets, and suppliers manage quality and maintenance data for their vehicles. Read more here.

🧱 Field Materials, based in San Jose, CA, raised $3.5M in Extended seed funding for its materials procurement platform for contractors. Read more here.

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