Director of Data

  • Memphis Meats
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Feb 22, 2021

Job Description

About us

At the forefront of farming and food, Memphis Meats is innovating new ways to produce real meat, without the need to breed, feed and slaughter animals. Our process begins with an animal cell, which is cultivated and harvested as meat. Memphis Meats is a mission-driven company focused on bringing to meat lovers an authentic product that is truly humane, sustainably produced, nutritious and delicious! We are now expanding our team of dedicated professionals across disciplines to make better meat for a better world.

About the role

As the head of the Data team you will manage and grow an effective multidisciplinary organization to enable data collection, organization, visualization, and analysis.  Your team will be responsible for software engineering (LIMS development), data engineering, BI, Data Science, and Bioinformatics.  You will support the company by building software tools, constructing data pipelines and automated visualizations, and performing ad-hoc analysis in collaboration with scientists and engineers.  In addition to this support function, your team will bring independent value by leveraging Machine Learning methods to improve Memphis Meats’ products and processes.  Lastly, you will drive a strong data culture and ensure our data is managed as a key long-term asset.  You are setting the vision and foundation for data in this new industry.

About you

  • 5-10+ years professional background in Data Science, Software Engineering, Data Engineering, and Bioinformatics, with extensive exposure to each component
  • Strong history of individual contributions in software development, data science, or bioinformatics
  • Extensive experience with LIMS systems, including custom LIMS development 
  • History of developing practical business-aligned machine learning products
  • Proven track record in creating scalable data warehouse solutions with actionable insight generation, visualization, and user interaction tools
  • Experience managing multidisciplinary software teams within cross-disciplinary business settings
  • Past experience in biotech, with a preference for startup experience 
  • Understanding for how to build broad data literacy across an organization
  • A passion for our mission to improve the world’s food supply
  • Developing staff

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